Angel Guide


Archangel Ariel – Nature, Magic, Courage
Often called the Lion of God and Angel of Nature, Archangel Ariel protects and heals the environment and wildlife. She is also strongly connected with Divine Magic and the manifestation of dreams into reality here on Earth. Ariel gives us the confidence and courage to follow our heart and to stand up for our beliefs.
Crystal: Rose Quartz Color of Light: Pink

Archangel Azrael – Crossing Over, Grieving, Connection with Loved Ones in Heaven
Azrael comforts the dying/grieving and crossing over of a newly deceased person’s soul. He helps to comfort you in your time of need and helps your heart to heal. Azrael also helps counselors and those who are here to help others. Azrael can help you to connect with a loved one who has crossed over and you can ask Azrael for a message or dream visitation from your loved ones in heaven.
Crystal: Yellow Citrine or Calcite Color of Light: Creamy white

Archangel Chamuel – Protection, Relationships & Careers, Romance
Chamuel helps oversee protection of the world from fearful and lower energies. If you are fearful about world events call upon Chamuel for comfort, protection and intervention. Chamuel also protects our personal world. He helps us seek out important parts of our lives, such as love relationships, friends, careers, lost items, and our life purpose. Chamuel works with us to build strong foundations for our relationships and careers so that they are long lasting, meaningful and healthy. Call upon Chamuel when you need to feel more centered, calm and peaceful. Also known as the angel of love, Chamuel can help you with your soulmate relationship and can help to bring love and romance into your life.
Crystal: Fluorite Color of Light: Pale Green

Archangel Gabriel –Having a baby, Communication & Arts, Leadership
Gabriel has become known as the messenger angel. In his first role, Gabriel guides hopeful parents toward child conception or through the process of adopting a child. He also helps you to nurture your own inner child. In his second role, Gabriel helps anyone who’s life purpose involves Art or Communication. Call upon Gabriel for help and guidance if you are an actor, artist, author, dancer, journalist, model, musician, reporter, singer, songwriter, teacher or do anything involving delivering spiritual messages. Gabriel will give you the strength to assume your leadership power and position and lovingly guide others.
Crystal: Copper or Citrine Color of Light: Copper

Archangel Haniel –Power of Moon, Sensitivity, Psychic Abilities, Divine Magic
Haniel is the Angel of Grace & Poise and can help one to harness the power of the Moon and enhance their psychic abilities and clairvoyance. Haniel helps in finding one’s healing abilities especially through natural healing remedies from crystals, potions, and herbs. As you discover the moon’s connection with your vitality and moods, you will be more in touch with its divine magic. Call upon Haniel to help you to honor your feelings and sensitivity as it is a beautiful and powerful gift. Haniel can help you to follow your true passion in life for it is when you follow your heart’s true desire that divine magic occurs!
Crystal: Moonstone Color of Light: Pale blue (moonlight)

Archangel Jeremiel – Life Review, Learning Life Lessons, Mercy
In addition to being an Archangel of prophetic visions, Jeremiel helps newly crossed over souls review their lives. This is a service he helps the still-living with, too. If you would like to take an inventory of your life up until now so that you can make positive adjustments, call upon Jeremiel. He will help you fearlessly assess your history and learn from prior experiences. He will help you to review your life with clarity and make any positive changes. Everything happens for a reason and Jeremiel can help you to make sense of why things are happening to you. He can help to show you mercy towards yourself and others as you overcome any difficulties and learn your life lessons.
Crystal: Amethyst Color of Light: Dark purple

Archangel Jophiel – Beauty, Creativity, Patience
Jophiel helps us think beautiful thoughts and to see and appreciate beauty around us. She helps us to create, manifest, and attract more beauty into our lives. After all, beautiful thoughts lead to beautiful outcomes. If you are feeling negative or have ego-fear based thoughts, call upon Jophiel to help turn your thoughts positive and to help you see the beauty in all things. Jophiel helps with artistic projects and illuminates our creative spark. She gives us ideas and the energy to carry out artistic ventures. She also helps us to create beauty at home, work and in our relationships. Call upon Jophiel to help remove clutter from your home and to create a beautiful atmosphere. Jophiel teaches us patience and to appreciate every step of our journey. Jophiel helps us to slow down and smell the roses.
Crystal: Rubellite/Pink tourmaline Color of Light: Dark Pink

Archangel Metatron- Children, Organization, Clearing
Metatron is the Archangel of children overseeing their safety and education on Earth as well as helping those children who have passed over. Metatron is the keeper of the Akashic records which are history, thoughts and memories of humankind. He helps to bring order and organization into your life and eliminates procrastination helping one to take bold steps forward. He acts as an intermediary between Heaven and Earth since he’s had experience as both a human and an angel. He helps us to understand Heaven’s perspective and to learn how to work with the angelic realm. Metatron works with sacred geometric shapes (metatron cube) and can help you to clear psychic toxins from your body and chakras.
Crystal: Watermelon tourmaline Color of Light: Violet and Green

Archangel Michael – Protection, Power, Cutting Cords, Fixing Electronics
Michael is the angel of Protection & Courage. He has the strength of a powerful warrior combined with all the love and tenderness that can fill your entire being. He oversees police officers and lightworkers’ life purpose. His chief function is to rid the Earth and its inhabitants of the toxins associated with fear. Michael calls upon us to take back our power and to have faith in all that we do. He protects us from psychic attacks and can help us to cut cords that bind us to the past or negative emotions. Michael also has an incredible knack for fixing electrical and mechanical devices. In addition, Michael guides and directs those who feel lost with respect to their life purpose or career path. Call upon Michael to clear a space or room of negative energy and ask him to place a white or blue light around you, protecting you from all negativity and harm.
Crystal: Sugilite or Lapis Lazuli Color of Light: Royal blue

Archangel Raguel – Clairsentience, Empowerment, Resolving Arguments
Raguel oversees all of the other angels and archangels. He ensures that they are all working together in a harmonious and orderly fashion. In the same way, he will help you to sort out your feelings, enabling you to notice, understand and follow them. Raguel can help you to strength your clairsentience and notice recurring feelings as they signify divine guidance. He will help you to sort out repetitious or confusing thoughts as they provide important information and are usually the answer to your prayers. Raguel loves to be a champion to the underdogs and he can help those who feel slighted or mistreated to become more empowered and respected. He helps to resolve arguments, mediate disputes, and bring cooperation, harmony and order to your life.
Crystal: Aquamarine Color of Light: Pale blue

Archangel Raphael – Healing, Opening 3rd Eye, Clearing
Raphael is a powerful healer both for humans as well as animals. He also guides and supports those in the healing field, assisting with which Earthly treatments to use upon patients. He helps would be healers with their education and in attracting wonderful clients. Raphael has assisted many with the opening of their third eye and he often works closely with Michael to remove lower energies from people and places. Call upon Archangel Raphael to place his green healing light upon you or someone in need of his help. Raphael asks that you give your worries to him and let him guide you to releasing old patterns and leading a healthy lifestyle.
Crystal: Emerald/ Malachite Color of Light: Green

Archangel Raziel – Clairvoyance, Manifestation, Healing from Past Lives
Raziel works so closely with the Creator that he knows all the secrets of the Universe and how it operates. Raziel can help you understand esoteric material, manifestation principles, sacred geometry, quantum physics and other high-level information. He can open you up to higher levels of psychic ability and increase your ability to see, hear, know and feel divine guidance. He can help you to strengthen your clairvoyance or spiritual sight so you can clearly see heavenly love. Your clairvoyance may come in different forms: as mental images, as dreams, and as recurring sights in the physical
world. Like a divine wizard, Raziel can assist you with manifestations and can help turn your ideas into reality. He is the angel of Lawyers & Law makers and guides you in your search for knowledge both factual and spiritual. Raziel helps one in remembering and healing from past lives. Raziel can help you to take back your power.
Crystal: Clear Quartz Color of Light: Rainbow

Archangel Sandalphon- Answering Prayers, Music
Sandalphon carries the prayers of humankind to God. One of Sandalphon’s primary roles is to deliver and answer our prayers. Call upon Sandalphon when you need help in allowing yourself to receive. Sandalphon is involved with music and his messages often come as a soft whisper or in the form of words or music that you hear in your mind…pay attention as it is most likely the answer to your prayers. Sandalphon teaches you to be gentle with yourself. You can feel his presence strongly when you listen to music.
Crystal: Turquoise Color of Light: Turquoise

Archangel Uriel – Claircognizance, Following One’s Path, Divine Magic, Weather
Uriel is one of the wisest archangels, very much like an ancient sage. He illuminates situations and gives prophetic information and warnings. Uriel is the Angel of Light bringing you enlightenment, insight, and solutions to problems. He will light your path usually one step at a time and even though you may not know the ultimate outcome you will know when to take that next step. Uriel can help with alchemy, divine magic and the ability to manifest. Uriel can help you to strengthen your claircognizance. He urges you to pay attention to repetitive thoughts and ideas that come to you as they are answers to your prayers. Uriel works closely with the Earth and is in charge of the weather. Call upon Uriel to help in recovering from any natural disasters.
Crystal: Amber or Rutile Quartz Color of Light: Yellow

Archangel Zadkiel – Clairaudience, Forgiveness, Memory
Zadkiel can help you to strengthen your clairaudience to clearly hear the voice of the divine. He will help you to notice the loving guidance that you hear inside your mind or from other people. He speaks to you in the form of repetitious messages. Zadkiel can also help you feel mercy and compassion towards yourself and others, and let go of judgment and un-forgiveness. In this way, he is a healing angel who works alongside Archangel Michael to replace negative energy with faith and compassion. Zadkiel helps us to see the divine light within ourselves and others. If you are having difficulty forgiving someone, ask Zadkiel to intervene and he will act like a chimney sweep, cleaning out your body, mind and heart of un-forgiveness. This doesn’t mean that you are sanctioning someone’s abusive behavior but that you are no longer willing to cart around their emotional residue of old situations. Zadkiel is also widely known for his help with memory functions. Call upon Zadkiel if you want to memorize important information or if you simply forgot where you left your car keys.
Crystal: Lapis Lazuli Color of Light: Deep Indigo Blue