Create a Sacred Space

When we create a space to meditate and connect with the Angels and/or our higher selves, the energy will linger so that it is easier to open up to the spiritual and Angelic forces each time we return to our sacred space. After time you may not even need to meditate but can open up right away to the Angelic realm. The following are some guidelines to follow when creating a sacred space:

• Remove any clutter from the room and surrounding space.
• Cleanse the space of negative energy using a sage or smudge stick.
• Fan the sage or smudge stick over yourself to cleanse your body of any negative energy.
• Make sure the soles of your feet or your body are touching the floor grounding you to the Earth.
• Use natural light or candles which help bring in the spiritual realm.
• Play relaxing music.
• Use color with intention (candles, flowers, etc) keeping in mind the colors of the chakras of the body you may be working on.
• Place crystals around you (you may want to choose a clear quartz crystal which is a powerful energy amplifier as well as an amethyst crystal which is good for intuition and spirituality).
• Spray a pleasing scent or diffuse an essential oil that helps relax your body and open you up spiritually. Scent is closely linked to your emotional center.
• Use Angel Cards to receive a message from the Angels or your higher self.
• Place personal items of significance around you such as pictures, statues, Angels, etc.
• When working with a certain angel, place or hold their crystal and light a candle representing their color to help bring in their essence and work more closely with them.