Angel Therapies


A “Touch of Heaven” Therapy
90 minutes includes angel card reading/spiritual counseling-$125
60 minutes DOES NOT include angel card reading/spiritual counseling-$95

This therapy, given to us by the Angels, is one of our signature therapies. It utilizes the power of essential oils for both a cleansing of the body and an awakening of the soul. This is an invaluable method to promote healing from within. As the physical body is a reflection of the soul, this therapy is suggested for anyone looking to heal on a deeper level and ready to get to the root of underlying issues and beliefs. Whether you are just starting your Ascension or have been working through karmic issues, our Touch of Heaven Therapy can be instrumental in your healing. Read more about this beautiful therapy…

Angel Therapy
60 minutes – $85
90 minutes – $115

This therapy was designed for those who are suffering from physical ailments and conditions and looking for alternative therapies to relieve symptoms and/or compliment other treatment protocols.   Since our bodies are constantly renewing themselves, we have the ability to regenerate them to a healthier state than before. We can assist this process with proper nourishment and different energy healing modalities. When we feed the body what it needs it can utilize its own self-healing abilities. To that end, we believe this therapy is one way to assist this process by nourishing the cells through healing energy work, essential oils and more.   We believe that taking responsibility and being an active participant in your healing protocol is paramount when one is faced with any disease or physical challenge. Conditions in the body such as cancer, lyme-disease, auto-immune diseases, allergies, anxiety, depression and other disorders are all physical and emotional manifestations of the body systems being out of balance. When we nourish these systems, we can help to bring the body back into balance.

The therapy begins with a consultation to explore what’s going on physically, emotionally and spiritually and those underlying issues and beliefs that may be the cause. Our therapists will then decide which healing modalities will best assist the body. As guided, they will utilize various ancient healing techniques including Reiki, IET, energy work, essential oils, crystals, sound therapy, sage clearing, cord cutting, and chakra balancing. This deeply healing and relaxing therapy is done on our amethyst and black tourmaline healing crystal BioMat and will help the body to release blocks, realign itself and activate its own self-healing abilities.

Our therapist will discuss with you how to continue this healing process after your therapy. Leave feeling renewed and with a plan for your healing journey!


Intuitive Angel Card Readings
30 minutes-$44      45 minutes-$60      60 minutes-$75
Receive divine guidance from your Angels and Spirit Guides to support you as you continue your journey here on Earth. We recommend an angel card reading prior to doing our signature Touch of Heaven treatment and any time you feel additional divine guidance is needed. Even for those who are very intuitive or receiving their own guidance it’s often helpful to have a reading by someone else to build your confidence or to validate your own intuition and guidance. We can aide you in uncovering underlying issues that are holding you back from living a joyful life and moving on to the next level of your spiritual journey. Everything happens for a reason. Let us help you to figure out why it is happening to you.


Spiritual Counseling, Private Coaching & Counseling
45 minutes – $60      60 minutes- $75
We offer Spiritual Intuitive Counseling for nutrition, family matters, personal growth, spiritual development and emotional support. Many times when utilizing our therapies having a support person to talk to allows you to go deeper and process all that is happening. You may schedule an appointment any time to support you on your journey.