A “Touch of Heaven” Therapy  – 60 Minutes $95

This therapy is one of our signature therapies and an invaluable method to promote healing from within. It utilizes the power of essential oils for both a cleansing of the body and an awakening of the soul. Essential oils are applied to both the spine and feet for a blissful session that will restore balance and harmony within. As the physical body is a reflection of the soul, this therapy is suggested for anyone looking to heal on a deeper level and ready to get to the root of underlying issues and beliefs. It is the best way we know how to release what no longer serves you. Read more about this beautiful therapy…

 The following items can be added to the Touch of Heaven therapy at these reduced rates:
Angel Card Reading  – 30 min. $45/ 45 min. $60/ 60 min. $75
Zyto Hand Scan & Report – $20
Extended BioMat Session – 30 minutes $20/ 60 minutes $35


Chakra Assessment and Balancing – 75 Minutes $115

This is our newest signature therapy and a great place to start on your healing journey.  It begins with a Zyto Compass Hand Scan which allows us to know exactly which areas of your body need support to get your body back in full balance. Next your practitioner will assess your chakras to determine where your energy is flowing/not flowing and discuss the findings to explore what’s going on physically, emotionally and spiritually as well as those underlying issues and beliefs that may be the cause. Last, the practitioner will utilize the information gathered and you will receive 30 minutes of healing energy and balancing work utilizing several different healing tools and modalities.  Upon completion you will receive the Zyto Hand Scan Report, a Chakra Assessment Chart as well as recommendations for additional tools and support to assist you as you continue your healing journey.


Intuitive Reiki Therapy
45 Minutes $7060 minutes – $85/ 90 minutes – $115

Reiki, an ancient hands-on healing technique, uses gentle touch to bring balance to your body, mind and spirit.

Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is a Japanese word which means Universal or Divine Life-force Energy. During this very relaxing session, you will lay down on a massage table fully clothed in one of our tranquil treatment rooms. A Reiki practitioner connects with this universal energy and using a gentle touch will channel energy to key positions in and around your body. This energy creates a feeling of peace and deep relaxation while assisting the body with its own innate powers of healing. Reiki restores balance on a physical, mental and emotional level. Reiki complements and enhances all types of medical treatments. It helps relieve stress, discomfort, pain and promotes a feeling of calmness, mental clarity and spiritual connection. Reiki is currently being utilized in hospitals and hospice care worldwide.  The best way to know that Reiki works is to experience it yourself!


Intuitive Angel Card Readings
45 min. $70/ 60 min. $85/ 75 min. $100
Receive divine guidance from your Angels and Spirit Guides to support you as you continue your journey here on Earth. We recommend an angel card reading prior to doing our signature Touch of Heaven treatment and any time you feel additional divine guidance is needed. Even for those who are very intuitive or receiving their own guidance it’s often helpful to have a reading by someone else to build your confidence or to validate your own intuition and guidance. We can aide you in uncovering underlying issues that are holding you back from living a joyful life and moving on to the next level of your spiritual journey. Everything happens for a reason. Let us help you to figure out why it is happening to you.


Spiritual Counseling, Private Coaching & Counseling
45 min. $70/ 60 min. $85/ 75 min. $100
We offer Spiritual Intuitive Counseling for nutrition, family matters, personal growth, spiritual development and emotional support. Many times when utilizing our therapies having a support person to talk to allows you to go deeper and process all that is happening. You may schedule an appointment any time to support you on your journey.


Zyto Compass Hand Scan
Do you prefer a more scientific approach to figuring out what your body needs? Use our Zyto Compass Energy Hand Scan to find out what your body needs right now! With this amazing technology you can simply place your hand on the hand cradle for a 3-5 minute scan. Your body will provide readings that are analyzed, ranked and recorded in a simple to understand report. With this information we will help you to create a plan and explore which essential oils and other healing tools will best assist you.

Whether you’re just beginning your healing journey, have hit a bump in the road or you’re feeling off course completely, this essential oil and energy hand scan is the perfect tool to tell you what’s going on and getting you on track quickly.

Hand Scan and Report- $30 per session.  SAVE – combine this tool with another one of our therapies and save $10 – just $20 additional.

This amazing technology is also now part of our new Chakra Assessment and Balancing Therapy above.