Massage Therapy

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Relaxation and Therapeutic Massage
The application of long gliding, kneading, percussion, and friction strokes applied to superficial muscle tissue to enhance circulation and relaxation.
60 minutes $85/ 90 minutes $115/ 120 minutes $145

Thai Foot Reflexology
An ancient Thai modality in which points on the ankles and feet are stimulated, promoting reflexive activity of the nervous system and correlating organs, bones, and glands. Stagnant chi, or energy, is also released through the tips of the toes. Thai Foot Reflexology sessions promote deep relaxation and the return of the body to homeostasis.
60-minutes $60/ 120 minutes $120

Bamboo Fusion
Bamboo Fusion is an innovative massage modality that combines the techniques of Swedish/Therapeutic massage and the benefits of soothing heat with the invigorating energy of bamboo and rattan. The bamboo is heated with an electric pad and used to roll and knead away stress, aches, and pains. Deep pressure can be achieved through use of the heated bamboo. Coconut oil is applied throughout the session, as opposed to lotion or cream.
60 minutes $90/ 90 minutes $120/ 120 minutes $150

PreNatal Massage
The use of massage therapy to aid in the physiological and emotional well-being of the expectant mother. Prenatal massage includes techniques found in Swedish and deep tissue massage. Client positioning is slightly altered in order to ensure the comfort of the client. Prenatal massage is known to relieve body aches, pain, and tension, and increase relaxation.
60 minutes $95/- 90 minutes $125

Recovery and Immune System Booster Treatment
Recuperate with this 60-Minute Therapy which includes Thai Foot Reflexology, Cupping Therapy, moxibustion, and essential oil application.
60-minutes $70

Any of the following can be added on to your session:
Hot towels $10
The application of hot towels transfers heat quickly and effectively to the skin and underlying superficial tissues, allowing muscles to relax and toxins to be released more efficiently.

Cupping $15
Cupping therapy is a form of traditional Chinese medicine in which cups are placed on the skin (of the back and neck) to create suction. The suction loosens muscles, encourages circulation, and boosts immune system function. Note: Exposing the treated area to direct sunlight is not recommended for 5-7 days following this treatment.
Aromatherapy $10
Aromatherapy is the application of essential oils to the skin. Aromatherapy is used to increase relaxation, ease depression/balance hormones, boost energy levels, accelerate the healing process, eliminate headaches, induce restful sleep, boost the immune system, reduce pain, and increase circulation.
Nap Time $25
Extend your massage therapy, reflexology, or Recovery and Immune Booster Treatment by 25 minutes with a short nap on our heated massage table. Sleep or rest peacefully after your session before returning home.

The benefits of massage therapy are practically endless.

Touch has the potential to positively affect all body systems –

  • the muscular system,
  • the skeletal system,
  • the cardiovascular system,
  • the respiratory system
  • the digestive system,
  • the nervous system,
  • the endocrine system,
  • the lymphatic system,
  • the immune system,
  • the reproductive system,
  • and the urinary system.

Some of the benefits of massage therapy include –

  • a reduction in stress and anxiety,
  • the promotion of positive body image through establishment of the mind-body connection,
  • an increase in relaxation,
  • a decrease in muscle tension and pain,
  • a strengthening of elongated and weak muscle,
  • a lengthening of short and tight muscle,
  • an increase in range of motion (ROM) and flexibility,
  • an increase in blood circulation,
  • an increase in lymphatic flow,
  • rehabilitation of muscle and tissue injury,
  • adjustment of poor posture,
  • the promotion of deeper, easier breathing,
  • and a return to wellness and good health.