Compass Hand Scan

Do you prefer a more scientific approach to figuring out what your body needs? Use our Compass energy hand scan to find out which essential oils will help you right now! In our shop you can simply place your hand on the hand cradle for a 3-5 minute scan. Your body will provide readings that are analyzed, ranked and recorded in a simple to understand report. With this information we will help you to create a plan and explore which essential oils and other healing tools will best assist you.

Whether you’re just beginning your healing journey, have hit a bump in the road or you’re feeling off course completely, this essential oil and energy hand scan is the perfect tool to tell you what’s going on and getting you on track quickly.

Essential Oil Hand Scan and Report- $15      


Are you a Health & Wellness Practitioner interested in finding out more about using the Zyto Compass Technology in your practice? If so, click here.