Crystal Healing BioMat

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Schedule time to come and lie on our Crystal Healing BioMat, a bed of amethyst and black tourmaline crystals covered with rose quartz. These ancient healing crystals while warmed slightly generate far infrared rays and emit negative ions. Just 30 minutes laying on the BioMat provides a non-invasive, soothing experience which can promote an abundance of health benefits for the body, mind and soul. It can provide relief from pain and discomfort and can help the body release blocks, realign itself and activate its own self-healing abilities. You’ll feel like you just had 6 hours of sleep in just 30 minutes!

Come and escape from everyday life while you listen to one of our meditations. Relax and let the angels guide you on a spiritual journey of healing.

30 minutes-$30     60 minutes-$45



Do you love the BioMat as much as we do? Would you like to purchase one for your own home or for use with your own practice? We can help! Click here for more information or to purchase.