Distance Reiki Circle/Reiki Share


120 minutes-$20

Join us for an evening to relax, replenish, and meet fellow Reiki healers. Every Reiki practitioner deserves an evening to renew!

Our Circle will have 3 parts:

First, the session will begin with Reiki Mawashi. This technique is to sensitize your hands to the Reiki energy. It is also a lovely custom to greet and welcome friends, old and new.

Next we will come together to send Distance Reiki to others outside the group through the intentions of those present. The recipients of your intentions will receive the benefit of Reiki healing from the entire group. Let’s amplify our Reiki energy! If you have someone you know who is in need of receiving Reiki energy this will be the perfect opportunity to set that intention within our group for their healing.

Last, you will have the opportunity to give and receive a Reiki session. We welcome all Reiki practitioners, any level and all lineages.

This is the perfect opportunity to:

• Practice your skills in a loving atmosphere

• Gain additional ideas about developing your Reiki practice

• Receive the benefits of Reiki healing from others

If you’ve been attuned to Reiki but have been reluctant to use your gift this is the perfect opportunity to gain confidence so that you can share your healing with others. Come experience the benefits of Reiki energy and be around others of like minds! Join this supportive group, gain confidence and share in the loving exchange of energy.

Peel away the layers; let your beautiful light shine!

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