7 Steps to Transformation

This powerful and transformational program is an opportunity to clear your own blockages, activate your energy centers, and connect to the Violet Angelic Ray. You can opt in for any one class or attend the whole series. No previous IET energy or Angel experience necessary. Join Lisa, and dive into playing with the angels and experience the power of the IET energy processes. She will share her angelic energy connection with you, and teach you to establish your own energetic “heartlink” connection with the energy of the nine Healing Angels of the Violet Ray.

Step 1: Heartlink® with your Angels 
Learn how to connect to your Angels and find out who the Angels are of the Healing Energy Field used in IET. Learn what a heartlink is and how this powerful energy can be used to send healing remotely and directly to yourself and others. Learn the key to shifting any negative patterns. Receive a powerful 5 Minute IET Empowerment Session. Ask questions. Receive messages.

Step 2: Activating Your 12 Strand DNA 
This class will use the power of the IET energy ray to activate your 12-Strand Spiritual DNA and bring you into alignment with the very mission of your soul. You will be guided through a visualization in which you create a mental image of your perfect life, physical body, lifestyle, livelihood, romance, prosperity and perfect world.

Step 3: Clearing your Karma with the Energy of Angels  
Do you ever find yourself in the same situations and limiting life habit patterns? These repeat situations are the result of Karma. This class and meditation will lead you through a powerful IET Karma Clearing process to clean up your Karma easily and gracefully with the Energy of Angels.

Step 4: The IET Forgiveness Process 
This class and meditation will bring forward three people that you can choose to forgive including yourself. It is one of the most powerful classes we teach as this powerful IET process truly helps you to forgive and forget. It is the key to living peace in the present moment.

Step 5: Empowered Heart /Essential Action Process
The Empowered Heart is the result of the energetic union of the heart and power centers. When we live our lives with the empowered heart energy we automatically express our true essence into the world in service to others. Angel Ariel describes this true essence as being like a core seed that is within each of us. The angels call this expression of our true essence our “essential action”. This class and meditation will help us live from an empowered heart.

Step 6: Future Life Progression – Wednesday, December 2 10:30 am – 12:30 pm
You have heard about past life regressions in which you take a guided journey back into one of your past lifetimes to heal a karmic issue. In this class and meditation, we journey forward with the help of our angels and soul council to a future lifetime in which we were successful in mastering all our lessons and living our true life’s purpose. We then bring the energy of that future lifetime back into this lifetime to help us accelerate our spiritual growth.

Step 7: The IET Freedom Process – Wednesday, December 9 10:30 am – 12:30 pm
Ever felt drained when around certain people or situations? This class and meditation will lead you through an IET process of cutting the cords of codependency that prevent you from living your life’s essential action. By cutting cords with past and present relationships, you are able to retrieve some of the power that you have given away and return that which you have energetically taken also. This class is amazing and assists so much in the healing process!

Energy exchange $30.