We offer small group meditations on a regular basis as well as special events that change monthly. Please check our calendar for specific offerings, dates and times.


Every Thursday Evening @ 6:30 pm and Friday Morning @ 10:30 am

Come join us and the Healing Angels to embrace whatever life is throwing at you. Everything happens for us, not to us. What is it that your body is telling you? What has it manifested physically in order to help you bring to the surface something you need to look at and heal? What relationship issues are showing up to tell you something? What thoughts keep playing over and over in your mind? Who are you and what did you come here to learn, to heal and do? What is your soul purpose?
Each gathering begins with heart linking to your Angels and connecting to your higher self. Everyone will receive an angelic message which helps to set the intention for your meditation. Essential oils and energy therapy techniques may be used to enhance your experience as guided. The beautiful tones produced by our crystal bowls are not just heard by the ear, you will feel them in your body. The tones will affect your energy centers (chakras) for healing, balancing, meditation and awakening of the soul. Sound vibration, which is the vibration of creation, can help us shift our vibration, reach deeper levels of meditation and ultimately reach new levels of healing and ascension.
This small group therapy is intended to guide, support and give you the tools necessary for your own personal healing and spiritual growth.
Our gatherings are small and intimate which allows all participants to relax, recharge, and rejuvenate in our safe and loving space. Because we limit the number of participants we ask that you pre-register online, in person or by phone to secure your spot. Come ascend with us and the angels!

75 minutes-$20 

Goddess Meditations
Friday Evenings @ 7:30 pm

Trust in your divine feminine!

Join us for this uplifting and powerful seated Goddess meditation. One special goddess will be our focus each month. Let’s come together to share in her story and her strengths. Let’s learn how we can tune into our intuitive nature and remain grounded in our power by asking for her assistance when we need it most. Together we will complete a guided body scan meditation to connect with self, and invoke our goddess through repeated mantra, breathing meditation, and mindful meditation. Essential oil application included.

The Goddess will be announced the night of the class. This class is introductory level. No prior meditation experience is necessary to attend. Meditation instruction will be provided.

60 minutes-$15

Private Meditations with Keli

This private 60 minute guided meditation includes chakra assessment, essential oil application and a combination of Yoga Nidra breath work, guided meditation body scan and Reiki energy balancing. One person per session.
60 minutes – $90

Couples Guided Meditation with Chakra Assessment, Reiki, and Essential Oil Application

This private 90-minute guided meditation is centered upon the heart chakra and encourages couples (or loved ones of any kind ie. friends, family, lovers) to extend love from heart chakra to heart chakra, eliminating blockages and opening each participant up to a more authentic practice of giving and receiving. This meditation includes chakra assessment, essential oil application, and a combination of Yoga Nidra breath work, guided meditation body scan, and Reiki energy balancing. (Two people per session)
90 minutes  – $120

Goddess Connection Meditation with Reiki and Essential Oil Application
This private 60-minute guided meditation is focused on the goddess, her story, and her Shakti! Invoke the goddess through mudra and mantra and participate in a guided meditation, complete with reiki therapy and essential oil application. A brief meditative writing practice may be encouraged during the session. (One person per session)
60-minutes – $90